Collaborazioni / colaboraciones / együttműködések

WOTS Magazine è una piattaforma del pensiero critico che promuove l’informazione indipendente, la divulgazione della ricerca accademica, nonché il dialogo tra differenti attori sociali in differenti aree tematiche. Kitti Baracsi e Marta Ruffa sono le caporedattrici della sezione questioni di genere.

Kollektiv Orangotango  was formed in 2008 as an informal network of critical geographers. The focus of its activities is critical educational work, the creation of self-organized structures, and concrete social interventions which contribute to the reflection on and overcoming of existing circumstances. In addition, orangotango aims to create spaces for the networking and exchange of ideas between social movements, emancipatory struggles, and alternative everyday practices.

Sobre unos y otros mapas – tutorial de cartografía      Info in English

Las Borradas es un colectivo de comunicadoras errantes/ is an open collective of errant communicators. Being errant means having experiences and visions that are not part of the mainstream narratives. At the same time, the experience of invisibility is an occasion of subversion. Being aware of their power, the members of Las Borradas decided to take their space and start to work on what they love: on communication.

Mujeres Errantes – Wandering Women image